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Carbon fiber fabric C70X

Carbon fiber fabric C70X Carbon fabrics
Carbon fiber fabric C70X
40.62€ / m2
(ex. VAT)
1 - 4 m240.62€
4 - 10 m239.32€
10 - 127 m238.28€
≥127 m234.80€

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Areal weight: 70 g / m2
Weaving style: Biaxial +45/-45
Width: 1.27 meters
+45 ply: 15K HR carbon fiber, 36% (25 g / m2), gauge 1.13
-45 ply: 15K HR carbon fiber, 36% (25 g / m2), gauge 1.13
Adhesive: 15 g / m2
Stitching fiber: 5 g / m2, polyester 50 dtex, gauge 6.0, chain

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Intrastat Number for this product: 68151200

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