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Epoxy system SR1660 / SD1305 (Ultra slow)

Epoxy system SR1660 / SD1305 (Ultra slow) Epoxy systems
Epoxy system SR1660 / SD1305 (Ultra slow)
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Heat resistant epoxy system SR1660 / SD1305 with ultra slow hardener

Each kilo includes 0.76 kg resin + 0.24 kg hardener

High temperature epoxy system specially formulated for oven temperature or autoclave conditions curing. It is used for production of high performance and high temperature resistant parts with outstanding mechanical properties in sectors such as motorsport, aerospace, and many more. It is also used for manufacturing of temperature resistant molds. It has low viscosity allowing fast wetting of reinforcements, and exhibits excellent adhesion properties to all types of fibers.

It is very handy for most demanding applications, with a very long working time. It can also be used to step up production to higher temperature resistance, as it can be demolded after a relatively low temperature postcuring. Heat treating to resist higher temperatures may very well come as a second step or at a later time. For this reason this system is very useful when we have to work with plugs or molds that do not resist high temperatures. 
Ultra slow hardener SD1305:
Excellent chemical resistance, resistance to oxidization, low exothermic peak, for laminating, press moulding, casting or injection. Designed for the manufacturing of parts or tooling with a service temperature up to 140°C, 180°C peak.
Composite tooling for “120°C” prepreg, thermoforming tooling or structural parts with a high service temperature.

Physical properties of SR1660 epoxy resin:

Aspect / colour: Yellow liquid
Viscosity (m.Pas) at 20 oC / 68 oF: 8500 ± 1500
Density at 20 oC / 68 oF: 1.15 ± 0.01

Physical properties of SD1305 hardener:
Aspect / colour: Dark yellow liquid
Viscosity (m.Pas) at 20 oC / 68 oF: 278 ± 50
Density (g/cm3): 0.991 ± 0.01

Mix properties of SR1660 / SD1305 system:
Weight ratio: 100 / 32 g
Volume ratio: 100 / 39 ml
Mix viscosity (m.Pas) at 20 oC / 68 oF: 4000 ± 800

Reactivity of SR1660 / SD1305 system:
Exothermic peak on 500 g mix (oC) at 40 oC: 85 oC
Time to reach exothermic peak at 40 oC: 2 h


Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 29213091

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