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Epoxy gel coat SG715 / SD7820

Epoxy gel coat SG715 / SD7820 Epoxy systems
Epoxy gel coat SG715 / SD7820
40.75€ / pc

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SG715 / SD7820 epoxy gel coat system

Price: 40.75 EUR / 1.23 kg set (1.00 kg resin + 0.23 kg hardener)
The SG715 / SD7820 is a two component epoxy gel coat that can be applied with a brush, a roller or a spray gun, and hardens at room temperature. It gives a hard surface with resistance to abrasion and good thermal properties after curing (Tg1 max = 120°C (DSC)). Before applying a possible second coat or laminating, allow the gelcoat to gel. It must be tacky (still sticking on the finger) to avoid any risk of delamination. The SG715 / SD7820 is recommended for building prototypes and scale models. If needed, the system can be made thinner by mixing together with an epoxy solvent.
Color: white and black
Thermal stability: Tg1 max = 120°C (DSC)
Mixing ratio: 23 hardener to 100 p.b.w. resin
Gel time at 20 oC: 4 h
Recommended post-curing cycles: 12 h at 20°C+ 24 h at 40°C or 12 h at 20°C+ 8 h at 60°C
Humidity: <70%


Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 38249098

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