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Hi-shrink tape 1100 m

Hi-shrink tape 1100 m Consumables
Hi-shrink tape 1100 m
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Heat shrink tape for manufacturing prepreg wrapped tubes. High shrink and compaction force, release coated both sides. Can withstand temperatures up to 140 - 150 oC. Suitable for in or out of autoclave curing. Also suitable for room temperature, heat gun (self-made prepreg) application. Specialized widths of tapes, different diameters of inner carton core and different grades of shrink films are offered upon request.

Technical characteristics:
Width: 25 mm
Density: 91 g/m3, 27 g/m2
1100 lm: 0.75 kg
Thickness: 30 micron (for reduced step)
Inner diameter of core papertube: 70 mm
Outer diameter of reel: 250 mm


Intrastat Number for this product: 39209959