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Terms of sale

All prices quoted are valid for 15 days and are net wholesale prices with no sales tax. For international customers, those prices are valid for professional use only. For private/home use, products are subject to 24% sales tax. For some countries of the world, other local custom duties and fees may be applicable. In all cases, the purchaser(you) is responsible for reporting the import to your local authorities and for paying all local taxes, duties, fees or other surcharges of such nature. FIBERMAX Ltd accepts multiple currencies. Our currency of choice by default is Euro. To change currency use the drop down menu on the upper right corner of any product page. Payments in other currencies are converted with the official exchange rates (updated every two hours from the European Central Bank) without any surcharge. Prices of all fabrics are quoted in euros per square meter. Please observe that many fabrics are not 1.00 meter wide. Prices of braids are quoted in linear meters (at the point of nominal diameter, where warp and weft are at a +-45o angle.) In order to be able to count linear meters of braids with precision (actual length varies greatly depending on tension,) we weigh them. Volume on filler quotations is intended to assist judgment of the loose, bulk amount of the product supplied. Contents may become compressed during transportation or storage.
FIBERMAX Ltd can ship to virtually any address in the world. Dispatch is within 3 business days. Delivery rates and dates may vary depending on different destinations and means of transportation. International mail shipping rates out of Europe (insurance included) for small orders usually calculated by this equation: Smallest applicable shipment fee (15.00 €) + per kilo rate (4.00 €/kg) = total shipping fee For a 4 kilo parcel you pay:
15.00 € smallest fee + 16.00 € for 4 kilos = 31.00 € is the shipping fee for 4 kilos For 10 kilos:
15.00 + (4 x 10) = 55.00 € is the fee for a 10 kilo order. Free worldwide shipping is offered on selected items. View free worldwide shipping products for this month here. Some of Fibermax Composites products are considered dangerous for international shipping. Shipping dangerous goods internationally may be more expensive than non dangerous goods. Shipping cost depends on final destination, means of transport (road, air or ship) and quantity shipped. The easiest way to ship would be truck or sea. Cost is also greatly dependant on quantity. The larger the quantity or weight of the order the smaller the dangerous goods surcharge, as it is charged only once, regardless of quantity. For orders placed on our online shop, the shipping fee is displayed on your screen on the final step, before the final submission of your order. Do not place larger orders over the internet shop, as there are probably other, alternative cost shipping ways.
Our company takes pride from our cautious, experienced and robust packaging. All products are packaged in accordance with standard packaging methods in such a manner as to prevent damage and contamination during shipping and storage. We take no shortcuts, and we know that our persistence in that field adds great value to our products, and satisfaction to our customers. Different fabrics are always rolled on carton mandrels (carton rolls) separately and always in one length piece (however maximum possible roll length is 50 or 100 m depending on the kind of fabric). The procedure is: 1) fabric is wrapped tightly around a mandrel. 2) tag is placed at the edge of carton mandrel 3) cellophane plastic film is wrapped tightly around the roll of fabric 4) roll of fabric with cellophane protection is placed in plastic cover and sealed 5) impact resistant carton is tightly wrapped around sealed roll All resins and hardeners are sealed tightly in plastic containers and placed in separate, custom made, impact resistant case.
Minimum Order Level
In an effort to keep prices low, our company tries to maintain a minimum order level of 100.00 € for all customers. Complex orders of multiple products that are under 300.00 € in total may be canceled, returning to the purchaser (you) payment in full.
FIBERMAX Ltd has full replacement or money back warranty return policy on all defective and/or damaged or lost or unopened packages and products. If the purchaser does not refuse delivery (in case of damage,) must notify our company of such a case (defective or damaged) within three (3) business days of receipt. Items for replacement, credit note or refund should be shipped back to us for inspection within thirty (30) days after delivery with shipping costs paid by the purchaser. We will reimburse the return shipping costs only if the return is a result of our error (incorrect or defective item, etc.).
Limited Warranties
FIBERMAX Ltd warrants that goods sold shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and will conform to applicable specifications and drawings. FIBERMAX Ltd’ liability, whether based on breach of warranty or contract or negligence in manufacture, shall be limited to replacement or refund of the purchase price thereof. Authorization must be obtained from FIBERMAX Ltd prior to return of any goods for replacement, or credit. FIBERMAX Ltd shall have the right, prior to return, to inspect any goods claimed to be defective or nonconforming. FIBERMAX COMPOSITES assumes no liability for results of the use of goods purchased from FIBERMAX Ltd, including without limitation, their use in combination with other components, assemblies or products, or their suitability or unsuitability for a particular use or a particular environment. The foregoing constitutes the sole and exclusive warranty of FIBERMAX Ltd and the sole and exclusive remedy to the Buyer, and is in lieu of all other, express or implied, as to description, quality or any other matter. Without limiting the foregoing, FIBERMAX Ltd shall in no event be liable for loss of use or profit, or for other collateral, special or consequential damages. Any warranty given by any other manufacturer or supplier of goods sold or of component parts thereof is assigned by FIBERMAX Ltd to the Buyer to the extent permissible under law and the terms of such warranty.
Orders and Acceptance
FIBERMAX Ltd’ acceptance of an order is conditioned upon the waiver by Buyer of any terms and conditions which differ from, vary from, or add to, these Terms of Sale. The specifications applicable to goods sold by FIBERMAX Ltd shall be FIBERMAX Ltd’ specification, unless Buyer shall have furnished different specifications and FIBERMAX Ltd shall have agreed in writing to such specifications.
Reselling Fibermax Ltd Fabrics
Fibermax Ltd high quality fiber fabrics are subject to export control if exported outside the European Union. Exporters have to make export declaration to customs, and may have to obtain an appropriate export license depending on yarn quality, final destination country or final use. For more info please contact us or refer to EU legislation for "dual use" materials.
FIBERMAX Ltd takes your privacy seriously. We guarantee that your personal information stored in our computers will be treated with strict confidence and never passed to other parties. If you do not agree to your information being stored, we shall, of course, delete it from our system immediately.
Legal issues
If claims are brought against our company by purchasers for any reason, the only agreed courts of jurisdiction and the only applicable and valid laws shall be those of Volos, Greece.