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Common Questions

Is there a minimum order value?
In an effort to keep prices low, our company tries to maintain a minimum order level of 100.00 € for all customers. Complex orders of multiple products that are under 100.00 € in total may be canceled, returning to the purchaser (you) payment in full.
If I order a fabric quantity of 3 sqm (or more), do I get 3 sqm (in a single continuous piece) or 3 pieces of 1 square meter each?
If you order a quantity of 3 in your shopping cart, of course you will be sent one piece of 3 square meters of fabric and not 3 separate pieces of 1 square meter each.
How are fabric prices quoted?
To facilitate price comparison, fabric prices are quoted in EUR/sqm. To change currency to USD (or other) please use the drop down menu on the upper right corner of any product page. Currency conversion rates are calculated from real time market data.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, Euroline and Dinners.
Do you accept Paypal?
No, Paypal asks for a high commission fee (from merchants). Our web shop has very high security standards. If you have questions on security of our web shop, please read the relevant paragraph below.
When will my Credit Card be charged?
Charge will be made after dispatch. We will only approve your Credit Card when you make an online order. We will charge your card only after your goods are actually shipped out of our plant.
I do not have a credit card; can I still buy from Fibermax webshop?
Payment is also possible via pre-payment wire transfer. Instructions for such payment are given on the final checkout step of (a wire transfer) order.
I would like to make a wire transfer, can I have your Bank details?
Our bank details are:
Beneficiary: FIBREMAX Ltd
IBAN: GR64 0260 0780 0004 7020 0887 329
Do you accept C.O.D.?
Fibermax does not accept C.O.D. orders.
Is Fibermax web shop secure?
Shopping at Fibermax web shop is safe: Your customer data is transferred using a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection that enforces 2048-bit CSR encryption for higher security. Also, award winning Godaddy Site Scanner prevents malware links and security gaps on our website. In addition, following credit card company advice, Fibermax never stores any credit card data (for additional security. Your credit card data is erased automatically after every transaction.
How do you pack your goods?
Our company takes pride from our cautious, experienced and robust packaging. All products are packaged in accordance with standard packaging methods in such a manner as to prevent damage and contamination during shipping and storage. We take no shortcuts, and we know that our persistence in that field adds great value to our products, and satisfaction to our customers. Different fabrics are always rolled on carton mandrels (carton rolls) separately and always in one length piece (however maximum possible roll length is 50 or 100 m depending on the kind of fabric). The procedure is: 1) fabric is wrapped tightly around a mandrel 2) tag is placed at the edge of carton mandrel 3) cellophane plastic film is wrapped tightly around the roll of fabric 4) roll of fabric with cellophane protection is placed in plastic cover and sealed airtightly 5) impact resistant carton is tightly wrapped around sealed roll. All resins and hardeners are sealed tightly in plastic containers and placed in separate, impact and leak proof plastic casing.
How much would it cost to ship the goods I wish to have in my place?
It depends on the weight, volume and destination of your order. Please place your order on our webshop, hit the checkout button, and the shipping cost will be displayed on your screen before the final submission of your order. Please note that the weight of epoxy and other liquids is counted double (twice as much as the actual) as these products are more expensive to ship. Also, products that are bulky, like breather, are expensive to ship, even though they have a rather small weight. Alternatively, for larger orders please send us an e-mail with the products you wish to purchase, and our customer service team will do the best to get a good shipping quote for you.
How do you ship your orders?
Depending on country of destination, for our e-shop orders we use DHL, TNT, UPS, EPG or EMS. We notify you by e-mail upon shipping, and we send you tracking number if your order is 2.5 kg or more. Orders below 2.5 kg may be sent by regular post. Larger orders are sent by logistic companies and by road, sea or air.
How long will it take to receive an order?
Goods are dispatched within 2 working days after you have placed the order. Shipping times for webshop orders may vary from 2 to 7 days (and up to 12 days for the very remote places of the world.) Indicative delivery times can be found on the websites of our shipping companies below.
How can I track my order?
Fibermax will send a dispatch notification via e-mail with tracking number(s) at your registered e-mail address, as soon as your order is shipped. You may also find your tracking number(s) posted on your Fibermax account. The websites of the shipping companies that we use are: DHLTNT, UPS, EMS and EPG. If you wish, you may always contact our sales team for further help.
Will I have to pay for any shipping / handling or any other hidden cost upon receipt of my webshop order?
NO. Fibermax Ltd pays for all the shipping cost for you. If you are asked for ANY amount upon delivery, you should refuse to pay and notify Fibermax Ltd immediately to take care of the strange situation.
Could I pick up the goods myself from your facility?
Certainly, once your order is ready you may come by to pick up your goods.
I live in the EU. I run a tax registered business. Can I get an invoice without European VAT?
Yes, if you are a professional. Please submit your VAT ID number to us when you create your Fibermax Ltd account or when you place an e-mail order. If your number is registered for intercommunity trading you will not pay for VAT. For more details please refer here.
I live in the EU. I am a non professional (home) user of composite materials. Can I get an invoice without VAT?
No, according to EU law all non professionals have to pay for VAT.
I live out of the EU, can I get a VAT free invoice?
Anyone who lives out of the EU (professional or not) does not pay for VAT.
I live out of the EU, what import taxes will I have to pay upon import in my country?
Import tax rates may vary from country to country. In general, in most countries, advanced composite materials are considered high tech products and are tax free. In any case, your customs agent knows which of the products you would like to purchase are subject to import tax in your country. To find this out, please give him a call and use the international tax codes below so to get his immediate answer:
Carbon 68151200 | Aramid – Vectran – Diolen 54021100 | Fiberglass 70196100 | PVC foam 39211200 | Honeycomb 4823909000 | Epoxy 39073000 | Hardener 38249098
I have lost or damaged or defective product(s). Can I get it replaced?
Fibremax Ltd has full replacement or money back warranty return policy on all defective and/or damaged or lost or unopened packages and products. If you do not refuse delivery (in case of damage,) please notify our company by e-mail with pictures of the damage or defect. Items for replacement, credit note or refund should be shipped back to us within thirty (30) days after delivery. We will reimburse the return shipping costs only if the return is a result of our error (incorrect, damaged or defective item, etc.)
I have bought a product but have changed my mind on it; can I have it replaced with something else?
Please see the answer to "I have lost or damaged or defective product(s). Can I get it replaced?"
You have a large variety of materials on your website. Are all of these products in stock?
We try to keep a 100% stock availability in our shelves at all times. In case of a shortage we will notify you by e-mail to let you know about restocking time and ask you what you like us to do about this.
Do you carry a stock of items that may not be posted on your website?
Many of the products we carry are not posted on our site. If you are unable to find the item you wish on our website, please feel free to contact us by email or phone and we will inform you whether the item is in stock.
Some of your fabrics are listed having different widths. Do you have all these widths in stock?
Yes, and we may also have additional widths available that are not posted on our website. If your project requires a particular width please let us know in the notes of any order.
Do you carry cutting and abrasion tools, safety equipment and safety consumables, modeling wax and plasticine?
Fibremax Ltd is always trying to fulfill the most of material needs, of all our important composite manufacturing customers. As “hard to find” materials of our field are not few, we avoid stocking products that are also used in many other industries, and could easily be found at a neighborhood store. If you are having difficulty in finding any of these products, Fibermax maintains a good distribution relationship with many companies; give us a call and we will provide you what you need at a low cost.
Could you help me choose some fabric/epoxy? One that would work better for my project?
Yes, if you tell us about your project and process. Call us or send an e-mail to describe your product and explain your process. After this, Fibremax Ltd technical stuff will try to suggest the material that may work better for you.
I do not have any composites technical knowledge. Could Fibremax Ltd teach me how to make composite products?
Our technical support personnel will try to answer to your particular technical questions and help out with your particular manufacturing problems. Teaching composites from A to Z is possible only for large customers.
I would like to develop a particular composite product. Could Fibremax Ltd help me with it?
Yes, if you are our customer, (up to a reasonable point) this is a free service.
Can you send out samples?
You may order fabric samples by e-mail. If not as part of your order, we have a nominal charge for this service of 2,00 € per sample, which includes processing and delivery. Each sample is approximately 10cm x 10cm. As part of your order you may have a reasonable number of free fabric samples. We do not supply samples of liquid products.
Will Fibremax Ltd transfer my personal information to third parties?
Fibermax will not forward your information to any third party unless required to fulfill your order. We would never sell our customers' data to others, and view respect of privacy to be of utmost importance.
Why do I have to provide an e-mail address when ordering?
Fibermax uses your e-mail address to send verification of your order, notification of shipping, as well as the tracking info. We do not share your e-mail address with any outside company or source unless required to fulfill your order.
I haven't found the answer to my question. What should I do?
In the event you haven't found the information you're looking for in the above FAQs, our customer service team will be happy to help you. Please e-mail us at