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 Vacuum infusion on glass mold
Publishing date: August 2010
Fibermax Ltd introduces the use of glass molds as a cost effective molding surface alternative to manufacture quite large, high quality advanced composite sheets and panels. Comparing to inox, glass sheets offer better surface quality, much larger size capabilities, better release properties, and a more size-stable post curing surface.
Method to control flow and better utilize freshwater (or oil) coming out of a spring
Publishing date: January 2013
A Fibermax Ltd innovative, rather simple way to utilize a freshwater spring under a building construction site. The spring flows out of a well, at the bottom of a car elevator pit, in the underground parking space of the 6 storey building. No available open space on the plot, has made moving the pumping well out of the building perimeter impossible. The bottom of the elevator pit is the lowest level of the building. An attempt to close the well with fast setting cement has failed, because of water pressure. Fibermax Ltd has worked out this solution to avoid the traditional costly injection techniques, and at the same time save the freshwater spring for later use.
The innovative solution comprises a prefabricated frame with screw sockets. This frame (in blue color) is carefully consolidated on the concrete floor with an epoxy adhesive system and some plugs. 100% watertightness between the frame and the concrete floor has to be reassured. After consolidation, the prefabricated (white) lid with a silicone flange is screwed on to suppress the water. This act of removing the pumps and screwing on the lid is made in a fast, well organized move so to avoid flooding. The lid has a small curve or arch, so just a few screws on top of this arch has made it rapidly watertight with ease. A pout on the lid will allow easy water extraction later on.
"Serial infusion" a different vacuum infusion strategy presented by Fibermax
Publishing date: September 2013
Fibermax Ltd technical laboratory has been investigating this new "Serial Infusion" strategy which shows very interesting advantages. Over years of research and implementation, when compared to traditional techniques, it has proven to be reliable, versatile, and more forgiving to errors or shortcomings, even when applied onto awkward and extreme shaped molds/objects. Benefits of "Serial Infusion":
  1. Simpler setup, without any need for calculations, software or guesswork
  2. Less overall length of feed lines (saving the resin trapped inside)
  3. No stepping on the laminate ensures that vacuum film is not stressed or pierced
  4. Better quality of the finished product
  5. Limited or no need of a resin trap
  6. Less post curing as using faster resin systems is possible (energy savings)
  7. Accurate approximation of resin (needed for each serie and for all)
  8. Easier serial mixing of small resin batches minimizes stress to workforce, and possibility of exotherm events