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  Width: 1.00 m Thickness: 5 mm Density: 140 kg / m3 Cork sheet is a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable core material for composite applications, easily integrated into fast production cycles due to its low density, very good temperature resistance and good drape characteristics (flexibility). Cork is perfectly aligned with green specifications, and suitable for hand layup, vacuum bagging and infusion processes. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Compressive strength (MPa): 0.30 Compressive modulus (MPa): 5.10 Tensile strength (MPa): 0.60 Shear strength (MPa): 0.90 Shear modulus (MPa): 5.9 Thermal conductivity (w/mk): 0.042 Loss Factor (1KHz): 0.022 Maximum Processing Temperature: 180 oC Vacuum Bag Processing: up to 150 oC FEATURES & BENEFITS Closed air filled cell structure Low water absorption Rot resistance Excellent FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) properties High level of noise and vibration attenuation   Intrastat Number for this product: 45020000..
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