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Over the last 40 years composites have been the dominant emerging materials. With versatility being their greatest asset, the volume and number of Fiber Reinforced Products’ applications have grown steadily, creating new solutions that improve product quality and penetrate new markets relentlessly. Composites are no longer the privilege of aerospace, defense and high priced products. They are rapidly becoming a way of achieving high structural performance at a low cost and they are found everywhere around us. The major market segments of composites are listed here. However many other very important applications exist, and new products are being launched every year. For this reason, continuing renewal of this list to include the new market segments is essential.
Composites have made good inroads to the marine industry, to deliver high strength, safety, reduced weight, durability, reliability, corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs. Applications of composites for marine use include construction of boat and ship hulls, stringers, decks, deckhouses, hatch covers, masts and booms, and countless other components. Fibermax offers a wide variety of quality products for the marine industry’s composite needs including reinforcement fabrics, core and resin systems for marine construction and osmosis protection.
Composites are capable to offer valuable solutions to replace metallic structures in cars, by improving structural performance, safety, handling, durability, molding processes, and offering higher performance, lower costs, weight reduction and compliance with environmental and safety regulations. They are extensively used in infrastructure, body panels and most other parts. The extent of their use is still dependant on quality and price of the vehicle. Of all automotive industry, F1 racing receives the largest proportional investment and today’s F1 cars are made almost exclusively by FRPs. Fibermax high end materials are used in many of every year’s award winning race cars.
Heavy transportation
Composite materials are widely used in the construction of heavy trucks, truck trailers, buses, trains and railcars. Some of the key features of composite materials in this market are light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and design flexibility. The benefits in turn include fuel efficiency, dimentional stability, greater cargo-passenger capacity, corrosion resistance, lower maintenance cost and flexibility of design. They are used for fabricating cabinets, bodyshells and large panels used for trailer/rail walls, floors and interiors. Fibermax offers many products suitable for all the major processes used in the heavy transportation market.
Composite reinforced structures exhibit excellent seismic resistance. The use of composite materials not only decreases inertia (“dead load”) and weight, but also absorbs the shock and vibration of earthquakes and other mechanical sources. Composites are being extensively used for building restoration and upgrade, strengthening old structures that have to be rehabilitated, or to repair damage caused by seismic activity (column-wrapping and jacketing systems.) Other applications include domes, bridges, tunnel supports, acrylic bathtubs and sinks, framework, various kinds of panels, natural composite stone, anticorrosive and anti moisture coating and modular cabins. Fibermax name is offering economic, trusted material solutions and experience to the building restoration and building industries.
Sports and recreation
Composite products are found in all competitive outdoor, sports and recreation activities because they are stiffer, lighter, impact resistant and more aerodynamic. Traditional materials such as titanium, aluminum and steel are always outperformed and replaced by composites. Applications include surf boards, skis, kayaks, golf shafts, fishing rods, tennis racquets, hockey sticks and bicycle frames. Fibermax products are ideal for all sectors of this market.
Wind power
In an effort to capture more wind and reduce the cost of energy, wind turbine towers have grown higher, and blades longer. Today’s rotors (up to 100 meters long) are made exclusively by composites, and in order to withstand severe damage from gusts of wind, incorporate the most advanced materials. Fibermax offers a wide variety of quality products for blade construction including reinforcement fabrics, core and resin systems.
Corrosion-resistant applications
Composite materials are ideally suited to meet the demanding challenges of corrosion because of their excellent chemical/environmental resistance. Among others, they are used in piping, tanks, bridges, electrical utilities, electronics, protection from highly corrosive chemicals combined with heat, humidity and sunlight.
Commercial airplane, space and military applications are major uses of composite materials. A great variety of high end products are used and composite advantages utilized to fly safely, defend boarders, position satellites, and explore the universe. Generally the frontiers of composites are explored by those industries that have very big budgets for research and development. Fibermax is proud to be a part of this research and to supply materials to this industry.