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Mastic sealant tape VC060Y

Mastic sealant tape VC060Y Consumables
Mastic sealant tape VC060Y
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Designed for vacuum bagging operations, mastic sealant tapes are used for both "bag to tool" and "bag to bag" applications. They exhibit strong tack, ensuring an air-tight seal throughout the curing cycle. They facilitate easy removal, leaving a clean, residue-free surface, and require minimum cleanup between the cycles.
Technical characteristics:
Roll length: 21 meters
Max temp: 210 oC (410 oF)
Width: 6 mm (0.6 cm)
Thickness: 2 mm (0.2 cm)
Features & Benefits:
Oven and autoclave compatible
Residue-free tool release
Adheres in low temperatures
Versatile applications


Intrastat Number for this product: 40059100

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