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Peelply VC009

Peelply VC009 Consumables
Peelply VC009
2.57€ / m2
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1 - 100 m22.57€
≥100 m21.65€

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VC009 is a Nylon peel ply release fabric suitable for use with different resin systems and a range of technologies like autoclave, vacuum bagging, infusion and hand lamination.
Material: Nylon 66
Weight: 85 g / m2
Available widths: 0.80, 1.00, 1.20 and 1.60 meters (for other widths go to peelply tapes)
Max using temperature: 200 oC
Usage recommendation: To avoid amine, dust or other contamination of the application surface or cured substrate, do not remove cured peel ply before continuing the lamination or paintwork. For easiest peeling properties do not remove before full cure (the harder the resin system, the easier the peeling)
Best storage recommendations: Store in a cool and dry environment. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 10 - 30 °C and relative humidity between 50 - 75%. Keep in the original packaging until use. 


Intrastat Number for this product: 54071000

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