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PTFE Glass Fabric (porous)

PTFE Glass Fabric (porous) Consumables
PTFE Glass Fabric (porous)
10.01€ / m2
(ex. VAT)
1 - 4 m210.01€
4 - 10 m28.71€
10 - 100 m27.67€
≥100 m26.47€

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PTFE Glass fabric is a type of material where glass fabric is coated with a layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), commonly known as Teflon. This version features a porous structure. This porous structure allows air or fluids to pass through the fabric while maintaining the properties of PTFE, such as non-stick properties, resistance to high temperatures, and chemical inertness. Porous PTFE coated glass fabric is designed for applications where breathability, the ability to transmit fluids or gases and release properties are required, for vacuum bag lay-up composites and metal-to-metal bonding structures.
Technical characteristics:
Area weight: 80 g/m²
Width: 1.27 m
Thickness: 0.07 mm
Porosity: 20 - 40%
PTFE content: 20%
Max use temperature: up to 260 oC


Intrastat Number for this product: 54071000