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Spiral tube VC019 25 linear meters

Spiral tube VC019 25 linear meters Consumables
Spiral tube VC019 25 linear meters
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VC019 is a spiral tube used in resin infusion processes to facilitate the flow of resin from the resin feed tube into and around a resin infusion project. This tube is positioned, often underneath the feed line, in order to guide the resin flow into the more intricate or remote corners of the composite part. It ensures that the resin is evenly distributed throughout the entire mold or structure, reaching areas that might be harder to access through the main feed line alone. This contributes to achieving a uniform impregnation and helps prevent issues such as dry spots or uneven resin distribution in the final product.

Outside diameter: 12 mm
Inside diameter: 9 mm


Intrastat Number for this product: 39239000

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