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Nomex aramid honeycomb Thickness 40 mm Cell size 3.2 mm

Nomex aramid honeycomb Thickness 40 mm Cell size 3.2 mm Core materials
Nomex aramid honeycomb Thickness 40 mm Cell size 3.2 mm
964.43€ / sheet

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Aramid honeycomb, Nomex or equivalent
964.43 EUR / panel
Panel minimum size: 1.25 X 2.50 m
Total surface of 1 panel: 3.125 sqm
Thickness: 40 mm
Density: 48 kg / m3
Cell size: 3.2 mm (hexagonal)

Strength: 150 PSI
Modulus: 11 KSI

Plate shear:
Strength (PSI "L" direc): 100
Strength (PSI "W" direc): 55
Modulus (KSI "L" direc): 4.3
Modulus (KSI "W" direc): 2.1

Ultra lightweight, aramid honeycomb used in sandwich constructions. Unlike metals, Nomex provides galvanic corrosion resistance (also against corrosion of metal inserts) and allows the use of carbon skins. Other definite advantages are low thermal expansion and conductivity and high heat and fire resistance. Its superior mechanical properties and high dimensional stability under heat and moisture make it suitable for a large variety of high-end applications.

In order for very few individual panel(s) to be shipped, we usually roll them up (if they are thinner than 5 mm) or cut them, so they fit in our 37 X 38 X 114 cm carton box. If you like your panel(s) rolled or cut in other dimensions, please specify.

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