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PVC foam 60/15

PVC foam 60/15 Core materials
PVC foam 60/15
67.84€ / sheet

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67.84 EUR / panel
Spec weight: 60 kg / m3
Thickness: 15 mm
Panel size: 1150 X 2450 mm
Total surface of 1 panel: 2.82 m2

Is a lightweight, PVC closed cell foam for universal use in sandwich constructions. Its excellent stiffness, strength to weight ratio, and high toughness make it suitable for a large variety of applications. It can be shaped with wood tools, sandpaper and can be thermoformed to curves. The foam is ideally suited for statically and dynamically loaded structures and is compatible to all resin systems.

High strength and stiffness to weight ratio
Ease of adhesion
Compatible with most types of resin systems
Rot resistant
Good thermal insulation
Self extinguishing, good fire behaviour
Very low water absorption

In order for very few individual panel(s) to be shipped, we usually roll them up (if they are thin, usually below 5 mm) or cut them, so they fit in our 37 X 38 X 114 cm carton box. If you like to have your panel(s) rolled or cut in other dimensions, please specify.


Intrastat Number for this product: 39211200

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