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Epoxy gel coat SG715 / SD802

Epoxy gel coat SG715 / SD802 Epoxy systems
Epoxy gel coat SG715 / SD802
31.97€ / pc

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SG715 / SD802 epoxy gel coat system

Price: 31.97 EUR / 1.27 kg set (1.0 kg resin + 0.27 kg hardener)
The SG715 / SD802 is a two component epoxy gel coat that is very easy to spread with brush or roller, and hardens practically without shrinking at room temperature. It gives a hard surface with resistance to abrasion and is easy to polish. Its thixotropic but nevertheless supple consistency makes the resin/hardener mixture easy to apply without bubbles with a shorthaired brush in a layer thickness of 1-3 mm. The SG715 / SD802 system does not run down at edges, corners and vertical surfaces. Allow to gel before applying a second coat. To avoid the risk of delamination, lamination must begin with no delay as soon as the gel coat is no longer tacky. If needed, the system can be made thinner by mixing together with other epoxy systems or epoxy solvent.
Color: white and black
Thermal stability: Tg1 = 90 oC / 194 oF after 24 hours at ambient temperature + 8 hours at 60 oC / 140 oF
Mixing ratio: 27 hardener to 100 p.b.w. resin
Pot life of 150 g at 20 oC / 68 oF: 17 minutes
Curing time: 6 hours
Application and curing temp: 18-30 oC / 64.4-86 oF, humidity < 80%


Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 38249098

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