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Epoxy gel coat SGi128 / SD228

Epoxy gel coat SGi128 / SD228 Epoxy systems
Epoxy gel coat SGi128 / SD228
89.21€ / pc

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(Set of 2 components resin + hardener)
Fire resistant SGi128 / SD228 epoxy gel coat system
Price: 89.21 EUR / 1.68 kg set (0.99 kg resin + 0.69 kg hardener)
The SGi128 / SD228 is a two component, fire resistant epoxy gel coat system, halogen free and flame retardant and has a low smokes opacity and toxicity. This system allows getting the RAILWAY standard EN45545-2: R6 HL1, HL2 and the BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION standard ASTM E84-15b: Class A. It requires post curing in the mould before the part’s release. The lamination can start when the gel is still tacky.
Color: white
Thermal stability: Tg1 max = 73 oC
Mixing ratio: 70 hardener to 100 p.b.w. resin
Gel Time at 20 oC: 6 h 40 min
Curing schedule: 24 h at 25 °C or 16 h at 60 °C
Humidity: < 70%


Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 38249098

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