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Epoxy system R482 / H17 (Fast)

Epoxy system R482 / H17 (Fast) Epoxy systems
Epoxy system R482 / H17 (Fast)
19.71€ / kg
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1 - 6 kg19.71€
6 - 16 kg16.87€
16 - 24 kg14.01€
≥24 kg12.59€

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Cost / performance epoxy system R482 / H17

Each kilo includes 0.85 kg resin + 0.15 kg hardener

Suitable for marine and wood composites. It has an excellent adhesion to many types of material like old polyester, wood, epoxy, metal and other, and is crystallization free.

Production wooden sructures and marine enviroment. Laminating, bonding and protection of wood. Suitable also for laminating with carbon, aramid, glass, and other reinforcements. Hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, compression and all open or closed mold fabricating in general.

Positive features:
Excellent cost / performance ratio, excellent impregnating, low air voids, excellent elongation at break. Very good chemical resistance in the cured state. Very useful system when laminating and repairing very large, outdoor structures where post curing is not possible.

Mix ratio by weight: 18 / 100
Pot life of 150 g at 25 oC: 20 min.
Peak exotherm of 150 g at 25 oC: At 16 minutes 198 oC
Demoulding time at 25 oC: 18 hours

For safety - storage instructions please contact.


Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 29213091

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