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Epoxy system SR8500 / KTA311

Epoxy system SR8500 / KTA311 Epoxy systems
Epoxy system SR8500 / KTA311
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SR8500 / KTA311 epoxy system for cold (or hot) preimpregnation

Each kilo includes 0.83 kg resin + 0.17 kg hardener

SR8500 / KTA311 is a 2 component, slow reactivity, solvent and reactive diluent free matrix system, designed for manual, (hand,) in-house fabric preimpregnation. Before mixing, the 2 components have a storage life of at least 1 year. After mixing and impregnation, the resulting preimpregnated fabric develops the desired tack at room temperature, and may be placed in a freezer. The out (of the freezer) life of this prepreg is at least 1 month. Consequently, this system is a versatile, cost effective solution that helps small production facilities to reduce their stock, and avoid keeping large quantities of various kinds of prepregs in the freezer. Curing temperature range is from 80 to 150 oC.

Fabric preimpregnation by hand or machine, filament winding and adhesives. Particularly useful also for very large parts and hot press moulding.

Epoxy resin SR8500:

Aspect / colour: Yellowish viscous liquid
Density (kg/L) at 20 oC: 1.176 ± 0.005
Viscosity (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 9 800 ± 1000

Hardener KTA311:
Aspect / colour: White viscous liquid
Viscosity at 20 oC: 9000 ± 2000
Density at 20 oC: 1.13

Mix properties of SR8500 / KTA311:
Mix viscosities (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 5700
Weight ratio: 100 / 21 g
Volume ratio: 100 / 22 ml

Tack evolution:
Let at 23 oC for 48 hours or 16 hours at 40 oC


Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 29213091

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