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Microballoons 10 lt

Microballoons 10 lt Fillers
Microballoons 10 lt
79.68€ / pc

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79.68 EUR / 10 lt container
Net weight 1.20 kg

Hollow phenolic resin spheres have a distinctive reddish/brown color. This makes them particularly useful for cosmetic joints in wood construction. Although not as waterproof as glass bubbles, microballoons have excellent sanding characteristics. Suggested quantity to add in putties depends upon application. Not compatible with polyester and vinylester resins. Store in tightly closed containers.

Particle density: 250g/lt
Bulk density: 100g/lt
Conversion data: 1 lt = 0.91 qt = 20 fl oz


Intrastat Number for this product: 39094000

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