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Silica 10 lt

Silica 10 lt Fillers
Silica 10 lt
19.96€ / pc

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19.96 EUR / 10 lt container
Net weight 0.60 kg

Silica is a viscosity regulator, used to control sag characteristics of resin matrix or matrix-filler mixes. Very hard to sand (it is derived from quartz,) is not to be used in large quantities if sanding is anticipated. Very good to create structural adhesives, and useful in applications where a hard wearing surface or scratch resistance is needed (like molds). Suggested quantity to add in putties depends upon application.

Bulk weight 50 g/lt
Conversion data: 1 lt = 0.91 qt = 20 fl oz


Intrastat Number for this product: 28112200

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