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Glass Bubbles 18 lt

Glass Bubbles 18 lt Fillers
Glass Bubbles 18 lt
51.84€ / pc

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51.84 EUR / 18 lt container
Net weight 1.20 kg

Chemically composed of glass, their hollow form helps reduce matrix density. Their spherical shape prevents stress concentration and, as a consequence, increases cracking resistance of putties. In comparison to microballoons, they are physically harder, more waterproof and somewhat more difficult to sand. They have a fractional survival rate of 80% or more, for continuous use at 250 psi in highly filled resin systems. As a result, glass bubbles are also used as an additive for a number of buoyancy applications, in depths of up to 600 m in seawater. Suggested quantity to add in putties depends upon application.

Particle density 200g/lt
Bulk density 125 g/lt
Conversion data: 1 lt = 0.91 qt = 20 fl oz


Intrastat Number for this product: 70182000

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