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Diolen fabric P200Tw

Diolen fabric P200Tw Other fabrics
Diolen fabric P200Tw
8.05€ / m2
(ex. VAT)
1 - 4 m28.05€
4 - 10 m26.65€
10 - 120 m25.61€
≥120 m25.10€

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Areal weight: 200 g / m2
Weaving style: Twill 2X2
Width: 1.20 meters
Warp: Diolen 164S fiber (white), 50%, 7 ends(threads) / cm
Weft: Diolen 164S fiber (white), 50%, 7 ends / cm

This fabric can be used to imitate carbon. Although it does not have as deep 3D impression, it can be used on the back side of products (that are usually not varnished), to lower cost of material.

Please click on picture, for a closer view to the fabric's real size. To realize actual size with precision please observe the threads / cm feature mentioned above.


Intrastat Number for this product: 54021100

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