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Fiberglass aluminum fabric GA290JX

Fiberglass aluminum fabric GA290JX Other fabrics
Fiberglass aluminum fabric GA290JX
15.45€ / m2
(ex. VAT)
1 - 4 m215.45€
4 - 10 m214.05€
10 - 100 m213.01€
≥100 m211.86€

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Areal weight: 295 g / m2
Weaving style: Jacquard JX
Width: 1.00 meter
Warp: EC9 68X3 tex fiber, 52%, 22 ends(threads) / cm
Weft: EC9 136 tex fiber, 48%, 12 ends / cm

Soft, bright, aluminum coated fabric with deep 3D impression

Please click on picture, for a closer view to the fabric' s real size. To realize actual size with precision please observe the threads / cm feature mentioned above.


Intrastat Number for this product: 70196990

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