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Heat blanket 120X80

Heat blanket 120X80 Tools
Heat blanket 120X80 Tools
Heat blanket 120X80 Tools
Heat blanket 120X80 Tools
Heat blanket 120X80
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FIBERMAX heat blankets are used to safely and efficiently heat up components to a specific temperature. They are particularly suitable for heating composite laminates such as prepreg, vacuum/infusion lamination and wet layup of carbon and epoxy, ensuring an even temperature distribution across the surface of the material. Heating blankets are utilized, among others, for heating and curing in repair/construction in the aerospace, shipbuilding and the wind turbine manufacturing industry.

Technical characteristics:
Dimensions: 1200 X 800 mm
Heating temperature: adjustable, 0-90°C
Power: 450 W
Voltage: 230 V

Features & Benefits:
- Attached temperature digital controller ranging from 0-90°C (32 - 194°F)
- 3 meter power cord (no plug included)
- 7 mm polyester insulation for minimal heat loss
- Various blankets can be put together with velcro (included at the edge of the blanket) to cover a larger surface
- Straps for fixed installation possible
- Standard sizes available from stock
- Special sizes produced upon request


Intrastat Number for this product: 63011000

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